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Protect Your Flooring Investment with Starnet Floor Care

Your business’s success hinges on leaving a lasting impression, and your flooring plays a pivotal role in creating that impact. At Starnet Floor Care, we understand the significance of well-maintained and visually appealing interiors. Our network offers specialized cleaning, maintenance, and repair for various flooring types, from carpet to concrete, tile, and vinyl. We excel in turning lackluster spaces into commercial interior excellence, all with a focus on safety and sustainability.

85% Less Water!

Earth Friendly, High Quality Carpet Cleaning

Starnet Floor Care’s collaboration with Foaming Floors and their Fast Foamer Carpet Cleaning Technology is a game-changer. With an impressive 85% reduction in water usage, it sets a new standard for environmentally conscious cleaning. This innovation not only enhances cleaning efficiency but also promotes a healthier indoor environment while showcasing a strong commitment to sustainable facility management. By eliminating wasteful practices and operating quietly, it’s a significant step forward in responsible and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Manufacturer Approved

The world’s leading flooring manufacturers partner with the Starnet Floor Care network for their knowledge, experience and maintenance programs that protect flooring warranties.

Why Choose Starnet Floor Care?


Our nationwide network of specialized technicians is dedicated to enhancing your flooring’s performance and appearance. With years of experience, we know how to tackle any flooring challenge.

Tailored Solutions

No two commercial spaces are alike, and we understand that. Our experts craft customized programs that align with your unique requirements, ensuring that your carpets and floor surfaces not only look immaculate but also last longer.


We take environmental responsibility seriously. Our earth-friendly technologies ensure that your investment in Starnet Floor Care not only benefits your business but also contributes to a greener future for our planet.

Elevate Your Brand

Worn-out and dull flooring can compromise your brand’s image. With Starnet Floor Care, you’ll witness a transformation from tired and worn to pristine and inviting. A revitalized space welcomes customers and clients with professionalism and care.

Safety Compliance

High foot traffic and spills can jeopardize safety. Our solutions go beyond aesthetics – we prioritize the safety of your premises, creating a secure and impressive environment for everyone.

Extended Life

Neglecting your flooring can lead to higher costs in the long run. Our tailored programs extend the life of your floors, enhance safety, and save you money in maintenance and replacement.

Make the Smart Choice for Your Business!