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About Starnet Commercial Flooring

Since 1992, Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Cooperative has served the industry as a trusted partnership of commercial flooring professionals and quality flooring manufacturers. More than 170+ independent contractors doing business in nearly 400 locations across North America have become more profitable while building the market share of Starnet’s manufacturing partners. Through collective strength, integrity, shared best practices and advocacy of training, Starnet members and vendor partners ensure improved project outcomes, complete customer satisfaction and reduced costs related to doing business. The membership’s strength in numbers creates a combined annual material and labor sales volume of over four billion dollars.

Starnet Mission

Through collective strength and integrity, Starnet will enhance the success and profitability of its members, while protecting and increasing the market share of supporting manufacturers by providing a standard of excellence that serves the needs of the customer.

Starnet Vision

To be the world’s most RESPECTED, INFLUENTIAL AND INDISPENSABLE commercial flooring cooperative.