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Richardet Floor Covering Joins Starnet

Please join us in welcoming Richardet Floor Covering, headquartered in Perryville, MO, to the Starnet family. Richardet Floor Covering performs large-scale commercial and industrial flooring installations across the United States, with numerous clients in Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois. Founded in 1999, they have built a thriving business around loyal relationships, exceptional customer service and high-quality work.

“We know our success depends on customer satisfaction, and in order to achieve that goal we adhere to our fundamental principles to recruit the best talent, communicate effectively with our clients, and train our staff better than any company in the industry.” said Jesse Richardet, President of Richardet Floor Covering. “Our employees will benefit from Starnet’s professional development resources and are anxious to enhance our relationships with Starnet’s manufacturing and service partners.”

“We are always pleased when multi-generational flooring contracting companies join Starnet. So many of these entrepreneurial families have a solid foundation of lifetime leadership, long term clients, and a team of loyal employees in place. Those attributes make for outstanding Starnet members and create the best outcomes for the marketplace. Through Starnet, Richardet now has access to a broad network of family-owned companies who have managed through generational leadership transitions. They can reach out to fellow members for successful approaches and absorb sincere advice. Richardet Floor Covering has unique capabilities that will make them outstanding partners on projects with other Starnet members as well as adding value to our Starnet Preferred Vendors,” said Mark Bischoff, President & CEO of Starnet.