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Revolutionizing Floor Care: 85% Less Water

Starnet Floor Care and Foaming Floors revolutionize carpet maintenance with the earth friendly Fast Foamer Technology, conserving water, enhancing cleanliness, and extending asset lifecycles.

Starnet Floor Care recognizes the importance of water conservation and is taking proactive steps to provide facility managers with sustainable solutions without compromising performance. In partnership with Foaming Floors, Starnet Floor Care is deploying the Fast Foamer Carpet Cleaning Technology. This cutting-edge system introduces a groundbreaking approach to carpet maintenance through an innovative low-moisture foam cleaning process. The transformative impact:

Water Conservation: The technology is designed to significantly reduce water usage by 80-90% compared to traditional water extraction methods.

Environmental Stewardship: The technology eliminates the environmentally damaging practice of waste and rinse water dumping during regular maintenance.

Sound Reduction: The low dB, quiet operation means no disruption to building occupants. The low level of disruption to facility operations allows for greater flexibility and frequency of maintenance.

Cleaning Efficiency: The technology not only reduces water consumption but also delivers superior cleaning results, which is crucial for maintaining hygiene and visual appeal. There is no need to live with stains and spots in the flooring for any amount of time.

Debris Removal: The technology is highlighted as the highest debris removal low moisture encapsulation system, as confirmed by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI.) Efficient debris removal is essential in cleaning processes to prevent the accumulation of dirt and pollutants, contributing to healthier indoor environments

“Unsightly stains in carpet that some facilities live with for years can be eliminated in seconds using low moisture cleaning methods.”

“Low moisture foam cleaning removes stains while restoring the luster and color of fiber through superior soil removal.”

By embracing the Fast Foamer Carpet Cleaning Technology, facility managers and building owners are not just investing in a cleaning process; they are investing in their business using earth friendly solutions for the betterment of the planet.