The Starnet Special Services Network

Along with welcome business opportunities, multi-location projects present unique challenges to contractors and clients alike. The Starnet Special Services Network is a select group of members committed to working together to meet those challenges by bringing Starnet’s timely, world-class service, value and integrity to multi-location projects.

In addition to reducing business costs by drawing on Starnet’s best-in-class experience and knowledge, the Network provides consistent service throughout North America, and the added benefit of access to a broad range of product options to meet any project requirements.

Clients working with the Special Services Network can count on the highest level of professionalism, with attention to every detail – from standardized compliance, insurance and safety issues, to the appearance of installation crews and their vehicles. The Network takes responsibility for complete project management, including material estimating, scheduling, insured warehousing, reclamation, warranty support and coordinated billing.

You can locate Starnet Special Services Network members in the Member Locator section of this web site. Just look for the small globe icon in the Services column.

For more information, download the brochure or contact Fred Williamson at, (888) 239.8675 EXT 3.

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