Floor Care Market Solutions

With 25 million square feet serviced per month, Starnet Floor Care offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions to all types of organizations: corporate offices, medical facilities, hotels, schools, government buildings, retail stores and more. Whatever the environment, Starnet Floor Care technicians do it all. Contact us today to schedule a free floor care assessment.

floor care for corporate settings


As the leader in commercial flooring products, installation, reclamation, and maintenance, Starnet has the training and resources to care for the flooring in your corporate office space. A clean, healthy environment improves office morale and productivity as well as making a great impression on clients.

floor care for hospitality settings


With late-night traffic and the occasional extreme grease and oil issue, hospitality facilities have unique challenges. Starnet Floor Care works around your schedule, using the high quality chemistries needed to deliver outstanding results for even the most difficult cleaning challenges. Our professionally trained technicians can handle all flooring types, regardless of their condition.

floor care for government settings


Delivering cost effective, quality cleaning makes Starnet Floor Care the best value in the industry. Experience with hundreds of government buildings across the country has given us an understanding of the requirements and results necessary for government work. We deliver the manufacturer’s recommended process and take ownership of the cleanliness of your floors.

floor care for healthcare settings


Starnet Floor Care is trained in the specific chemistries, equipment, noise, odor, and residue requirements for healthcare floor maintenance. From exclusive EPA-approved products for hospital disinfecting to low-moisture carpet cleaning chemistries and semi-permanent coatings that greatly reduce down time and costs, Starnet Floor Care is your healthcare maintenance expert.

floor care for educational settings


Starnet Floor Care prides itself on creating cleaner, healthier, and more cost effective environments for both students and staff. With close attention to detail, we will help you create a welcoming environment for everyone that enters your facility and floors that will perform well for many years of learning.

floor care for industrial settings


A single industrial facility can have a wide range of floor cleaning challenges. The Starnet Floor Care group will handle all of your flooring requirements with the correct procedures delivered by trained professionals. Whether it is a greasy factory floor or a luxuriously carpeted boardroom, Starnet Floor Care uses the right methods to deliver the right results.

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