Floor Care Maintenance Services

Starnet Floor Care professionals are trained and manufacturer-approved to clean and maintain all types of flooring in all types of facilities. From commercial carpet cleaning in schools to marble restoration in government buildings to upholstery cleaning in hotels, Starnet Floor Care technicians do it all. Contact us to schedule a free floor care assessment.

cleaning commercial carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the least expensive floors to maintain and when cared for correctly provides a healthy environment, clean appearance and lasting value. Starnet Floor Care is certified by the IICRC (an international non-profit organization that establishes standards for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries), and uses chemistry and equipment tested and approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), and they are approved by more carpet manufacturers than any other floor care provider in the industry. Our trained technicians ensure that you get the maximum use and minimum total cost of ownership from your carpet.

cleaning ceramic tile and stone

Cleaning Ceramic Tile and Stone

Ceramic and stone flooring can create a dramatic designer statement, but dirty grout lines and scratches can spoil the visual impact. A consistent program for surface cleaning and polishing is necessary to maintain a marble, limestone or quartz floor. A well-trained flooring technician with the correct chemistries, pads, and equipment will keep stone floors looking beautiful for generations. There are excellent options for deep cleaning and even recoloring grout lines. The Starnet Floor Care group is trained and effective for both deep cleaning ceramic and grout and maintaining a beautiful stone floor.

concrete flooring- care and maintenance

Concrete Flooring Maintenance

Whether an industrial warehouse or decorative retail showroom, concrete flooring is becoming more popular. But contrary to how it may be sold, it isn’t “maintenance free.” Wear patterns do occur and the concrete can become dull in heavy foot or equipment traffic areas. Concrete also reacts poorly to strong acids or heavy salt traffic. A consistent maintenance program will prevent hazing and heavy wear patterns. Starnet Floor Care has solutions to keep your concrete consistently clean, and if desired, coated for easier care and higher gloss.

vinyl flooring resilient flooring and rubber flooring maintenance

Vinyl, Resilient & Rubber Floor Care

Resilient flooring requires consistent care to maintain a clean appearance and avoid costly replacement. Maintaining the protective finish on vinyl or resilient flooring is key to its longevity since permanent scratches and damage occur when the finish is worn through. Starnet Floor Care offers a variety of high quality resilient finishes, including standard acrylic, acrylic fortified finishes, and semi-permanent urethane based coatings. Starnet Floor Care also has non-slip finish options for resilient flooring. It is equally critical to follow strict procedures with rubber floor maintenance, as the use of either high pH or acidic cleaners can cause permanent damage. Starnet Floor Care partners with leading manufacturers to be sure that the correct chemistries and procedures are used on both rubber and resilient floors.

cleaning commercial upholstery

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping the textiles in your facility free of dust and debris buildup is important for both appearance and health. Starnet Floor Care is trained in the proper chemistry, equipment, and procedures to bring the furniture in your facility back to a “like-new” appearance without fear of ripping, pilling or bleeding dyes. The Starnet Floor Care upholstery cleaner does an excellent job emulsifying oils, greases, and stains for clean, healthy, long-lasting furniture and upholstered panels.

maintaining industrial floor coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings

Semi-permanent coatings and epoxy installations may require a higher initial investment but require less maintenance for lower total cost of ownership. The convenience and cost savings associated with coatings have driven their popularity over the last decade. Industrial floor coatings are an excellent investment for ceramic tile and grout, resilient floors and concrete floors. They can be provided with low or high gloss, color additives, or flecks to enhance the design of your floor. Starnet Floor Care applies the highest quality to maximize the useful life for your flooring.

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