Starnet Low-Profile Wire Management System by ASM

The Starnet Low-Profile Wire Management System by ASM is a raised access flooring system delivering data, electrical power, voice, and audio visual products anywhere you need them. Ideal for new construction and commercial office renovations, the flooring system provides easy maintenance access for upgrades and repairs, along with accepting a variety of floor coverings to beautify the space.

starnet low profile wire management set up

Low-Profile Flooring Wire Management System

starnet low profile wire management system

As Low as 1.5″ Finished Floor Height

installing starnet low profile-wire management system

The Best “Walk-Ability” In Its Class

Starnet Low Profile Wire Management Benefits

  • Low profile to retain maximum celling height
  • Quick access to reduce work environment disruptions
  • Easily reconfigured to meet the needs of the space
  • Large storage capacity
  • Fast track installation to save you time and money

To learn more about Starnet Low-Profile Wire Management System, contact your local Starnet Member for samples, pricing, and ordering.

Starnet members, login to S-Net for sales, marketing, installation, and maintenance instructions.

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