Making floor installations faster and easier

Designed to easily move the retail gondolas, library stacks and other large displays found in most commercial, retail, public spaces and libraries, Starnet’s proprietary Liftman lift system can speed up flooring jobs by days, if not weeks.

With the Liftman, disruptions to businesses are minimized. There’s no need to dismantle or empty displays to move them, and there’s no damage to store merchandise or library stacks. Liftman simply picks up the entire display and moves it out of the way while the new floor is installed. When the job is completed, the Liftman puts the display back in place – all in one smooth motion.

The Starnet team is fully trained, certified and experienced in operating the Liftman system safely and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind and complete satisfaction. We also have other specialized lift systems available to offer the best lifting solution for every job.


LIFTMAN attaches to display shelves,
spines or structural components using
rolling lifting horses.
The load is transferred on both sides of
the display to wheeled supports, then lifted
with hydraulic jacks.
The entire display length is moved to a temporary or permanent location.
Once the rack is repositioned, the pressure
is released on the hydraulic jacks and the gondola is safely returned to the floor.


For more information on Liftman, contact Fred Williamson at
or (888) 708-9753.