Meet the Starnet Staff

Starnet is comprised of a small but mighty staff of eight (8) individuals responsible for the day-to-day operations of Starnet. Each staff member brings their own talents and expertise while sharing the same passion for enhancing the success of Starnet members and vendors through value-added programs and services.

Jeanne Matson

Jeanne Matson

President & CEO

Email Jeanne
(888) 239.8675 ext. 1

  • Annual and Fall Meeting Planning and Information
  • Commercial Contractor Membership Inquiries
  • Committee Advisor: Membership, Meetings, Vendor Partnership and Technology
Eric Boender

Eric Boender

Director of Starnet Floor Care

Email Eric
(888) 239.8675 ext. 4

  • Starnet Floor Care & Maintenance
  • Starnet Special Services Network
  • Committee Advisor: Floor Care, Best Practices, Next Generation
Pam Herrlinger

Pam Herrlinger

Executive Assistant

Email Pam
(888) 239.8675 ext. 6

  • S-Net User IDs and Passwords
  • Member and Vendor Contact Lists
  • Staff Support
  • Web Site Questions
Fred Williamson

Fred Williamson

Executive Vice President

Email Fred
(888) 239.8675 ext. 3

  • Vendor Partner Program
  • Starnet Exclusive Product
  • Reclamation Services
  • Committee Advisor: Vendor Partnership and Environmental Issues
Rob Starr

Rob Starr

Director of Marketing and Members Services

Email Rob
(888) 239.8675 ext. 7

  • Marketing Programs and Services
  • Starnet Design Awards
  • Business Services Information
  • Committee Advisor: Marketing and Training and Development
Ryan Voss

Ryan Voss

Manager of Data Analysis

Email Ryan
(888) 239.8675 ext. 2

  • Invoice Entry Technical Support
  • Custom Reports
  • Committee Advisor: Technology
Leah Ledoux

Leah Ledoux

Director of Strategic Accounts

Email Leah
(888) 239.8675 ext. 9

  • National Account Inquiries
  • New Business Development
  • Specifications
  • Committee Advisor: Specifiers and Business Development
Paul Flieger

Paul Flieger


Email Paul
(888) 239.8675 ext. 5

  • All Financial Activities and Reporting
  • Invoice Entry Reporting Management
  • Advisor: CFO Group

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