Carpet Reclamation and Recycling

Starnet members lead one of the largest and most impactful initiatives to help eliminate commercial flooring carpet waste from landfills. Working closely with end users to meet sustainable business practices, Starnet members provide solutions to reuse, recycle and repurpose carpet. From removal to compliance and certification, Starnet members are proud of their achievements and continued contributions to protect the environment for future generations.

starnet carpet roll

132 Million sq. ft.

Amount of Used Carpet Reclaimed

starnet factory

618 Billion BTUs

Energy Saved through Reclamation Program

starnet scales

62 Million lbs.

Weight of Used Carpet Reclaimed

starnet water drop

188 Million Gallons

Water Saved with Reclamation

U.S. Dwellings That Can Be Powered for One Year with Energy Saved

starnet trashcan

327,031 cu. yds.

Landfill Waste Eliminated

starnet reclamation

124 Million lbs.

Global Warming CO2 Equivalent Eliminated

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