Starlog Bulletins

Issue Contents File Size
v12.1 Preparing Sub-Floor Slabs That Have Been Submerged for a New Flooring System 1.71 MB
v11.2 Pre-Installation Checklists Ensure a Trouble-Free Floor Installation 314 KB
v11.1 Access Flexibility with Raised Access Flooring 348 KB
v10.1 Exceptional Relationships Selecting, Working With and Getting the Most From Your Vendor Partners 561 KB
v9.1 Advice for Avoiding Construction Pitfalls 1.16 MB
v8.2 Carpet 101 – A Primer About Carpet Construction For End Users 70 KB
v8.1 Floor Preparation Estimates 655 KB
v7.3 Want to Score a Perfect “10” on Your Flooring Projects? 1.3 MB
v7.2 The “Cure” for Concrete Moisture and pH Ills 702 KB
v7.1 And Now: A Word About Flooring 719 KB
v6.2 Patterned Carpets: Finding the best match For your project 507 KB
v6.1 Flooring In The LEED 936 KB
v5.3 The High cost of Buying Low 0.95 MB
v5.2 Hassle-Free Flooring Renovations In Retail & Library Environments 673 KB
v5.1 Anticipating The Unexpected … 213 KB
v4.6 Appearances Do Matter 895 KB
v4.5 The Perfect Match: Carpets Built On The Right Foundation 1.13 MB
v4.4 Safety Underfoot 2.15 MB
v4.3 Commercial Wood And Laminate Floors Growing in Popularity 227 KB
v4.2 Up With Lift Systems! 158 KB
v4.1 Annual StarNet® Design Awards 343 KB
v2.4 Ceramic Tile 0.98 MB
v2.3 Purchasing Carpet Direct: An Update On The Costs and Complications 574 KB
v2.2 It’s What You Don’t See That Makes The Difference 1.86 MB
v2.1 The Growing Popularity of Specialty Floor Coverings 0.98 MB
v1.6 What You Should Know About “Green” Floorcovering 307 KB
v1.4 Carpeting Without A Professional: A Review of the Costs and Complications 863 KB
v1.3 Carpet Air Quality: The Debate, The Myths, The Facts 1.38 MB
v1.2 Coming Unglued 1.13 MB
v1.1 Shading, Pile Reversal & Pooling 2.12 MB

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